Basics of Cloud Security

How do you keep your private data safe in the public cloud? This email course will show you, at a high level, the guiding principles and policies you need to understand in order to keep your cloud-based and cloud-native application safe and secure.

What You Will Learn in this Course

  • Understanding authentication and authorization in cloud-based applications.
  • Two-person access and other Least Privilege processes
  • How Separation of Duties helps keep your cloud-based application safe
  • Just-in-Time Permissions
  • Securing data at rest and in transit
  • Using isolation zones and zero trust
  • Security and the Citizen Developer

This course is a high-level course giving you a summary of these and related topics in an easy-to-consume format. After you complete the lessons, you'll have a fundamental understanding of some of the most critical cloud-native security concepts, so when your CSO and other security experts talk to you about why we need two-person access processes to keep production secure, you'll understand what they are talking about and why it's important.

Whether you are an executive looking for a quick introduction, or a software engineer new to the concepts of cloud security, this course is for you.

And, for a limited time, this course is available for the introductory price of $79! Be an early learner, and check it out before the price goes up!


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