DEVOPSdigest invited DevOps experts — analysts and consultants, users and the top vendors — for their predictions on how DevOps and related technologies will evolve and impact business in 2019.

This was presented in a 9 part series, and contained predictions from many experts in the area.

I contributed two predictions that were published in the series.

Here are the two predictions I included:

Cloud Waste Management

Cloud management and control is going to be important. Before, it was “move to the cloud at all costs.” In 2019, the “at all costs” part will go away, and cloud waste management will become more important.

Microservice Challenges

In 2019, we will start to see the determinants of rushing to adopt microservices. One danger of moving to service-based architecture is people don’t fully understand how large services can become. There are groups creating microservice architecture that instead of one monolith system, they created 10 monolith systems. This makes their services too large and doesn’t fix the problems of a monolith. On the other hand, those services might make your services too small, which means all your complexity goes from being a team problem to a system problem that’s harder than your average developer to understand.