This is it – this is the big day you’ve been waiting for. You’ve received that big celebrity endorsement. They’ve sent the tweet out – you’re ecstatic! The orders are flooding in; all is well.


Your system floods with requests, and right at the peak of traffic, your application starts slowing down. Then it slows down some more. Then it becomes unusable.

Now all that extra business – the business generated by the celebrity endorsement – is gone. The biggest day in your company’s life has passed you by. Your big break, is over. You’ve failed.

All because your storefront application failed at the wrong time.

How did that happen? Why did your application choose that particular day, that particular time, to fail?

Application availability is critical to all modern digital applications. But how do you avoid availability problems? You can do so by avoiding those traps that cause poor availability.

There are five main causes of poor availability that impact modern digital applications.