Just arrived in Melbourne. Had a full day of customer visits in Sydney, including an executive lunch with our CEO Lew Cirne and some of our top Sydney customers. Lew talked about the New Relic culture and how we thrive as a company and what motivates our strategy and direction.

I talked to a wide range of customers in Sydney. I met with a company well along their cloud journey that has a solid plan in place to accomplish their migration. It’s a slow migration for them, but I am confident on their eventual success. Another customer I met isn’t quite as organized and certain of their strategy, and this may come back and bite them later. Having a solid strategy to change your company culture to be more aligned with the dynamic nature of the cloud is critical for cloud migration success.

In Melbourne, I am meeting with customers in several different business sectors, including financial. We are having an executive dinner this evening with our top Melbourne customers. Friday I’ll be meeting with more customers and then heading for stop #3 on the tour, Auckland, New Zealand. I’ll spend the weekend in New Zealand before continuing my world tour there with a customer breakfast event on Monday.