Wednesday was stop #4 on my world tour in London, UK. I gave one of my dynamic cloud presentations to a room full of customers. Our friends at Sumo Logic were also there to talk about our integration with them, and customer Direct Line Group gave us a case study review of their use of New Relic.

Cost and cost management were critical questions that came up in London. How do you ensure a successful cloud migration is also a cost effective solution? Many customers who do limited, lift-n-shift only migrations find the cloud is more costly then running their own data centers, and often they are right. But when you start using the dynamic infrastructure capabilities of the cloud and manage resource allocation at a much more granular level — as the cloud was designed to do — that is when you can start seeing true cost and resource savings.

I also presented my cloud maturity model I’ve been using and showing this year. It was well received and many customers afterwards commented that they could see themselves on that maturity journey and knew where they were and what they needed to do. Some customers seemed relieved to know that their migration journey stories are consistent with other customers, some customers saw data they can use as part of a strategy to light a fire under their own migrations. Either way, it is helping them with their cloud strategy success.

Next stop on the tour is Thursday in Amsterdam.