Last public stop on the world tour was Zürich, Switzerland.

At this event, we had the opportunity to listen to Pasi Katajainen, CTO Germany of Nordcloud, one of our partners. He continued on from my presentation on migration maturity, and added his take on how cloud migration is as much a cultural transformation as a technical transformation. He further talked about issues around security and system architecture patterns to enable a secure cloud infrastructure.

This was a small and quiet crowd during the presentation, but good questions and follow up afterwards. In discussions after the event, it seems that most of the customers and prospects present could see where they were in the cloud maturity process I presented. This process seems to be hitting home in companies, especially those enterprises that are not as far along on their cloud journey. The newer you are in your cloud journey, the more useful it can be to understand the maturity process ahead of you. It can save you time, aggravation, and failure in the future.

Tomorrow is a private customer event in Stuttgart, then Frankfurt and home. This is the end of the world tour. It’s been a long trip, but it’s been very valuable in seeing how customers in different cultures and different environments have similar problems but potentially very different takes on them. In future articles, I hope to discuss some of these cultural patterns and how companies can avoid potential problems from the patterns. Additionally, how can companies proactively leverage these patterns to their own advantages in order to take better advantage of the dynamic cloud and dynamic infrastructure to build highly scalable, highly available applications.