Modern Application Caching With Redis

Our modern world demands modern applications. Today’s applications must be able to handle large quantities of data, perform complex operations, maintain numerous relationships among data elements, and operate on distinct and disparate states between transactions.
Doing this at the high scale demanded by our modern world is a challenge that requires significant resources—and those demands are constantly growing based on ever-changing needs. Handling these needs while maintaining high availability is simply the cost of entry for any modern application.

While there are many methods, processes, and techniques for making an application retain high availability at scale, caching is a central technique in almost all of them. Effective caching is the hallmark of an effectively scalable application.

My latest book, Caching at Scale with Redis, describes what caching is, why it’s a cornerstone of effective modern applications, and how Redis can help you meet these demanding caching needs.

Thanks to the sponsorship by Redis, you can get this book for free from their website.

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