architecting for scale

By now, most of you who read my blog regularly are aware of my O’Reilly book Architecting for Scale. What you may not be know is that I’m coming out with another O’Reilly title this month, Overcoming IT Complexity.

Architecting for Scale is about how to build and manage your complex applications by modernizing your business. Overcoming IT Complexity is about the give and take between building flexible IT infrastructures that help your company soar versus building complex IT infrastructures that struggle.

As you’d expect, both Architecting for Scale and Overcoming IT Complexity are available for purchase on, and all other locations that technical books are available.

Additionally, you can get a copy of select chapters of Architecting for Scale for free from my current sponsoring company, Cockroach DB. Check it out!

Many of you may also have a signed copy of the previous edition of Architecting for Scale from the old days when I did massive book signings at AWS re:Invent, New Relic FutureStack events, and other conferences.

But are you interested in a free signed copy of Architecting for Scale, personalized by me, the author? If so, click the link below to register to win a copy.

Enter to win a signed copy of Architecting for Scale!

I plan on holding semi-regular drawings for signed copies of the book (probably quarterly, maybe more often). If you don’t win the first time, you can certainly keep entering. I will also be announcing a similar contest to win a copy of the newest book, Overcoming IT Complexity, in the coming weeks. Stay tuned! If you register to win a copy of Architecting for Scale, I’ll let you know when registration opens for winning a copy of Overcoming IT Complexity.

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