AWS Security Best Practices

Learn what cloud security is all about and how to use the principle of shared responsibility to build a secure environment for your applications within the AWS Cloud ecosystem.

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  • Host : A Cloud Guru
  • Topic : Cloud Security
  • Class Style : Self-paced
  • Availability : A Cloud Guru Members

A Cloud Guru – AWS Security Best Practices

Some of the most commonly heard reasons for why a company can’t move to the cloud are concerns around security: “Our data is too sensitive to put in the cloud.”; “We can only trust servers that are in our data centers.”; “We can’t trust someone else with the security of our system”.

In reality, a cloud-based system often provides a more secure environment than an equivalent on-premise solution. How can this be? Well, cloud providers hire highly experienced security experts to help build their security capabilities, so by moving to the cloud, you too can use these security capabilities created by experts without having to be an expert yourself!

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