Cloud-Native Observability with Bruno Kurtic of Sumo Logic [podcast]

Operating a modern digital business means building and operating large, highly scaled applications that are more and more cloud native in their architecture and implementation. Observability is critical in maintaining the highly scaled, highly available, and highly adaptive nature of these modern cloud-native applications. You just can’t keep a large, complex, modern application operating without having a solid, modern observability platform as part of your system. And ideally, in today’s cloud-native market, you want an observability platform that is based on cloud-native technologies.

Sumo Logic is a leader in cloud-native observability. It not only focus on providing analytics for cloud-native applications, but the company itself also operates on a cloud-native platform. And while Sumo Logic provides tools for improving application reliability and availability, what really sets it apart is its focus on security and compliance in a cloud-native environment.

Bruno Kurtic, founding Chief Strategy Officer for Sumo Logic, is my guest today on Modern Digital Business.

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Photo by Emmanuel Appiah on Unsplash.