Architecting for Scale – An Introduction

This course is an introduction to the popular O'Reilly Media book, Architecting for Scale, written by Lee Atchison. Go deep into two key concepts from the book, and get a taste of what else is available in the book.

Available exclusively at Atchison Academy.

Course content

  • What is Architecting for Scale?
  • What is Two Mistakes High?
  • Losing a Node
  • Problems During Upgrades
  • Data Center Resiliency
  • Hidden Shared Failure Types
  • The Space Shuttle
  • Quiz
  • Workbook
  • What are Service Tiers?
  • Example: Online Store
  • Using Service Tiers
  • Quiz
  • Workbook
  • What Else is Covered in Architecting for Scale?
  • Where do I Get More From Lee Atchison
  • Workbook
  • Congratulations!

About this course


18 lessons

1 hour of video content

Introduce yourself to the must read O'Reilly book.

How to maintain high availability and manage risk in the cloud.