How Large Companies Use AWS vs. Smaller Companies [podcast]

The next episode of the Modern Digital Business podcast has just dropped. What’s it about? It’s the first episode of a new series that we are calling ModernOps.

My guest host with this new series is Beth Long, a good friend of mine and infrastructure operations expert. Beth has served as Head of Product at, an incident analysis company, and Senior Software Engineer and DevOps Strategist at New Relic.

This week is our first episode of the ModernOps series. In this first episode, we will be talking about how the experience of using the cloud varies between large companies vs. small companies. Some of the specific topics we discuss include:

  • Which team in a large organization is usually the first to make an initial move into the cloud?
  • How do companies develop the level of expertise needed to work with AWS and other cloud services?
  • How can companies ensure they have the level of control they need over their cloud infrastructure?

I hope you’ll enjoy this lively conversation between Beth and myself.

Listen to the podcast below:

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