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Cloud Migration Fundamentals: Best Practices for Moving to the Cloud
O'Reilly Media
It’s no secret that successful organizations are leveraging the cloud to transform their businesses. If you want to stay competitive in today’s industry, chances are you’re looking to do the same. However, you can’t simply flip a switch to start harnessing the power of cloud services—moving your workloads into the cloud requires a lot of careful planning and forethought. One of the top reasons cloud migrations fail is due to lack of planning. If you’re ready to take the next step, but want to avoid making critical mistakes, this course is for you.

Other LinkedIn Learning Courses By Lee

Avoiding Bad Decisions in Your Cloud Strategy
LinkedIn Learning
Whether you’re migrating an existing application to the cloud or building a cloud-native application from scratch, it’s best to prepare yourself before you start to avoid common mistakes along the way. In this course, instructor Lee Atchison explores some of the biggest mistakes people make when utilizing the cloud to meet their application needs.
Presenting Cloud Migration Benefits to the C-Suite
LinkedIn Learning
When you’re presenting the idea of a cloud migration to executives, you need to frame the discussion in a context that makes clear to everyone what the benefits, risks, and considerations are. In this follow-up course to “Framing Cloud Discussions for the C-Suite,” instructor Lee Atchison provides guidance for outlining migration benefits to each member of your company’s C-suite. Lee shows you how to explain the impact on customers and operations as well as financial considerations. Once you’ve convinced leadership that migration is a good idea, learn how to present your migration plan.
Cloud Architecture: Advanced Concepts
LinkedIn Learning
If you’re an IT professional, you already know that new architectural patterns and concepts are changing the way we design for the cloud. This is especially true in today’s remote and hybrid work environment, where choosing the right type of cloud platform can determine the success and functionality of your entire IT enterprise.
Creating and Leveraging a Cloud Center of Excellence in Your Organization
LinkedIn Learning
If you work in enterprise IT, you may be interested in finding out more about the benefits of having a Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE) in your organization. A CCoE can be a key component to successful cloud adoption, management, and optimization. The CCoE is an internal, centralized group that provides best practice guidance across IT while incorporating stakeholder input from across the business. In this course, instructor Lee Atchison provides practical guidance for determining if a CCoE can benefit your organization, as well as how to create a CCoE and leverage it for successful outcomes.
Understanding the Impact of a Merger for IT Teams
LinkedIn Learning
Corporate mergers, while common, are invariably complex—particularly for IT teams. What’s involved in being part of a post-acquisition IT merger? How will your organization change? What can you do to make the process smoother, and position yourself to be in a better career position within the merged company? In this course, instructor Lee Atchison covers these questions and more as he discusses how to manage the organizational and technological impacts a merger can have on IT teams. Discover which tools and systems may be impacted, how staffing may change, and how IT teams should consider company culture as they support users during the transition. Lee also helps you better understand your own role within a merger, including how to leverage any new opportunities that arise as the organizations coalesce.

Other Books By Lee

What is Polycloud?
O'Reilly Media
This report explores what polycloud is and how it compares to and differs from other cloud architectural models, including multicloud. C-suite and engineering executives will learn where, when, and how to take advantage of the polycloud paradigm—as well as when to specifically avoid using it.
Identity in Modern Applications
O'Reilly Media
Mapping a person, place, or thing to a software resource in a verifiable manner is the basis of identity. Confirming that identity is a complex process, particularly when the identity mapping has to be verified. This report explains the modern identity management techniques available to safeguard that simple access point. You’ll learn how and why these techniques constantly need to keep up with modern application development, and the growing sophistication of those who maliciously tamper with them.
Caching at Scale With Redis
Redis Labs
This is the only primer you need to understand what application caching is, why and when it’s needed, and how to get the best performance from your applications using advanced enterprise application caching techniques.
Architecting a Cloud Security Strategy
As your business moves more of its operations to the cloud, it’s essential to have a solid cloud security strategy in place. Unfortunately, many companies don’t take the time to plan properly for cloud security, leading to serious vulnerabilities. This white paper discusses six essential strategies for creating and managing any cloud application infrastructure.