Modernize the Enterprise

Tap into thoughtful advice and expertise from leading cloud strategist Lee Atchison.

To compete in today’s business landscape—and to support your business growth—your organization needs modern applications, modern processes, and modern tools.

Customers with new and growing expectations will abandon you if your digital services are slow, broken, or unavailable.

Modernization requires:

  • Scalable applications and an agile business that can adapt quickly to compete and survive
  • Cost-effective and efficient operations
  • A manageable amount of risk and technical debt

Who is Lee Atchison?

I’m a software architect, published author, and frequent public speaker on the topics of cloud computing and application modernization. I understand how hard it is to transform a business in order to remain competitive and stay relevant.

  • Experience with disruptors. For more than three decades, I’ve held key positions at major industry disruptors, such as, AWS, and New Relic, as these companies were having to disrupt, grow, and scale in the cloud.
  • Leading technology writer and speaker. As a book author, columnist, blogger, and speaker, I’m a recognized thought leader in all things cloud.
  • Seasoned consultant and teacher. I’m a fractional Chief Architect. I’ve worked with companies in most major industries and have helped hundreds of organizations around the world, just like yours.

Learn from Lee

Read his books

Lee Atchison has written several books, and they are a great way to get a thorough introduction to the technical concepts that can help transform your organization—and your career.

Lee’s most recent book, Business Breakthrough 3.0, co-written with Corporate Growth Architect, Ken Gavranovic, delivers A five-step process that fuels engagement, boosts agility, and drives lasting change.

One of Lee’s most popular books is Architecting for Scale (O’Reilly Media), an essential resource for technical teams looking to maintain high availability and manage risk in their cloud environments.

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Take an online course

Join the over 120,000 people who have boosted their skill set and career prospects by taking a Lee Atchison online course—either via the Atchison Academy™ training site or at LinkedIn Learning!

Lee’s most popular LinkedIn Learning course is “Software Architecture: From Developer to Architect.” In this engaging class, Lee explains how software architects and developers differ, the role architects play in an organization, and the skills you need to become one.

See full list of online courses by Lee Atchison >

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    Work with Lee

    Lee provides consulting services for organizations that want to modernize and move their applications into the cloud, and can act as a Fractional Chief Architect for your organization. To book a consultation with Lee, schedule a call.

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