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30 Jul 2021

Cloud Myth: Serverless Solves All My Problems

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It’s easy to get caught up in the hype of the cloud, and the latest and greatest cloud service offering often seem like the solution to all your problems. However, like any new technology, understanding how and where to apply the technology is critical to successfully using the technology. This most certainly applies to the

14 Jul 2021

Dear Andy

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An Open Letter to Amazon’s New CEO About How to Lead Amazon into the Middle of the 21st Century Dear Andy, Congratulations on becoming CEO of Amazon. It seems like only yesterday that I worked with you at AWS, starting the Elastic Beanstalk service in 2009. You’ve done an amazing job with AWS over these

11 Jul 2021

Was the Pentagon Smart to Ditch a Single Cloud Strategy and Embrace Multicloud Instead?

By |2021-07-12T21:36:05-07:00July 11th, 2021|Cloud Adoption & Migration|Comments Off on Was the Pentagon Smart to Ditch a Single Cloud Strategy and Embrace Multicloud Instead?

You may have seen the recent news that the Pentagon has decided to implement a multicloud strategy to replace the previous JEDI program. Essentially, Pentagon officials decided against a Microsoft-only cloud strategy and moved to a multi-vendor plan, which will now include Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, IBM, Oracle, and others. This decision is a great

Lee Atchison

Lee Atchison is a recognized industry thought leader in cloud computing. He has committed his career to architecting and building high scale, cloud-based, service oriented, SaaS applications. He has a specific expertise in building highly available systems.

Lee is a widely quoted thought leader in publications such as Diginomica, IT Brief, Programmable Web, CIO Review, and DZone. He has been a featured speaker at events across the globe from London to Sydney, Tokyo to Paris, and all over North America.


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