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Castles in the Sky: Secure Your App Dev Pipeline From Laptop to Cloud

I had the pleasure this morning of joining some of my friends at Uptycs in a live panel discussion on securing the application development pipeline. Check out the recording here: Castles in the Sky Event Recording Modern cyber attacks are on the rise, and attackers are targeting the development process itself. The reason: developer laptops often operate in an insecure environment, and their repositories and templates are inadequately protected. So… how can we continue to unify #D

New Course Available: ‘Basics of Cloud Security’

How do you keep your private data safe in the public cloud? Is it even possible? The truth is, your data and your application are likely safer in the public cloud than in your own private data center. But how can this be true? Do you want to learn what you must you do to build security into your cloud-native application architecture? I’m excited to announce that my latest course, Basics of Cloud Security, is now live at Atchison Academy! This course will show you, at a hig

More Kubernetes, Less Serverless, According to Latest CNCF Report

An interesting trend is emerging in the world of cloud computing: non-cloud native technologies are growing in popularity while cloud native technologies are decreasing in popularity. This is according to the December 2021 “State of Cloud Native Development,” released by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF), developed in conjunction with research firm SlashData. This report reflects the change in use of various cloud-related technologies by the 6.8 million cloud native de

What Will AWS Announce at re:Invent This Year? Hopefully, Less Than Usual

It’s the same old question technology industry insiders and people like myself ask every year at this time: What will AWS announce at re:Invent this year? Sometimes our predictions are pretty good, sometimes they are very far off. But there’s one sure answer to the question of what AWS will announce at its enormous annual conference: “A whole lot of things!”  As AWS has grown exponentially, so has AWS re:Invent. In a typical year, it’s safe to say, there will b

What Is DNS?

Facebook and its other networks Instagram and WhatsApp suffered their largest outage on Monday since 2008. By mid-day, The Verge speculated that DNS had caused the problem, and referred back to Slack’s outage last week to claim that “it’s always DNS.” We’re not going to speculate on what caused Facebook’s misfortune, but we will answer some of the most common questions about DNS. What is DNS? DNS stands for Domain Name System, which is akin to the internet&rs

Lee Atchison Joins InfoWorld as a Regular Contributor

Stay tuned! On June 21, I’m joining InfoWorld as a contributing author and will be publishing a bi-weekly article. I will bring you articles about cloud computing and application modernization. I’ll have articles ranging from maintaining high availability to team organization. From data partitioning to sharding. From identity management to dealing with availability mistakes. From metric classes to cloud finances. From infrastructure architecture to organization architecture. I

Welcome to Modern Applications / Modern Organizations

I’ve been writing books and articles, recording podcasts and webinars, and presenting live keynotes and other talks for many years. My Lee@Scale blog started in 2016 and focused on building highly scalable, high-availability web applications. I thank everyone who has read my articles and wrote to me to ask questions or make comments on the ideas and thoughts I’ve written about. Now, however, it is time for a bit of a change. Rather than focusing on scalability and availabil