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New Course Available: ‘Basics of Cloud Security’

How do you keep your private data safe in the public cloud? Is it even possible? The truth is, your data and your application are likely safer in the public cloud than in your own private data center. But how can this be true? Do you want to learn what you must you do to build security into your cloud-native application architecture? I’m excited to announce that my latest course, Basics of Cloud Security, is now live at Atchison Academy! This course will show you, at a hig

Cloud Myth: The Cloud Isn’t Secure

One of the biggest misconceptions that companies new to the cloud have is that the cloud isn’t secure. They wonder, can you trust the cloud? This can show up many ways, but a common way is in how a company deals with cloud security. Security is very important to nearly all companies. Moving to the public cloud means taking my application that is safely behind your company’s firewall, and putting it on a publicly accessible cloud service. This requires trust. Can I trust the cloud t