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Is AI Code Automation Contributing to Code Complexity?

GitHub has published research on the growth and impact of AI on software development. Among their findings is that developers write code “55% faster” when using the GitHub Copilot code automation tool. But this finding doesn’t tell the whole story. Is this code high-quality? Is this code necessary? Is the code contributing to the long-term value of our applications? Does the code contribute to the operation of the application in a clear and concise manner? In other words, is Co

The Long March: Cloud Native Panel Discussion

This January I was fortunate enough to be a panelist at Predict 2023, for an engaging panel discussion titled The Long March. The other panelists and I discussed how to make Kubernetes more accessible to a larger group of companies, and the cloud-native technologies needed to support mission-critical workloads in the data center and in less compute-intensive environments. You can watch the full panel discussion here: The Long March: Predict 2023 Panel Discussion If you enjoyed this conver

What’s in Store for DevOps in 2023?

In the past couple of years, businesses have been leveraging DevOps to drive their digital and cloud transformations and enable rapid innovation. Now it’s time to look back at lessons learned as well as look forward into the future. With so much change happening in the industry, what does 2023 have in store for DevOps? What are the DevOps practices and technologies that will shape the future of business? Join me on the panel of experts as we talk about our predictions for the

Testing at Scale with Nate Lee of Speedscale [podcast]

Modern businesses rely on applications, and they also rely on continued innovation in those applications to drive their business. This strive for innovation creates a need for improved techniques for validating that an application will work as expected. But constant innovation means a constant chance for problems, and testing applications at scale is not an easy task. This is where Speedscale comes into play. The company assists in stress-testing applications by recreating real-world traffic loa

Edge Computing and IoT Is Everywhere, and the Cloud Plays a Key Role

What does edge computing and the Internet of Things (IoT) mean to you? Temperature probes monitoring crops? Microdrones monitoring wind speed in the atmosphere? Electronic GPS trackers embedded within your boxed shipments? Refrigerators that tell you when you need a gallon of milk? Fully automated homes with magical lighting and security systems? When many people hear about IoT and the whole field of edge computing, they think of these novel and rather futuristic use cases. But we don&rsquo

Tech Trends: First Look, Episode #1

Join Lee Atchison and Ken Gavranovic as we discuss the latest hot tech trends. We look at what’s getting funded and what’s getting traction in the marketplace. Finally, we take a look at a story behind a story in the news.   More articles from Lee Atchison: Dive into ‘Architecting for Scale’ in the Latest GOTO Book Club Podcast More Kubernetes, Less Serverless, According to Latest CNCF Report 2022 Is the Year of the Citizen Developer