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Is AI Code Automation Contributing to Code Complexity?

GitHub has published research on the growth and impact of AI on software development. Among their findings is that developers write code “55% faster” when using the GitHub Copilot code automation tool. But this finding doesn’t tell the whole story. Is this code high-quality? Is this code necessary? Is the code contributing to the long-term value of our applications? Does the code contribute to the operation of the application in a clear and concise manner? In other words, is Co

Automating Your Automation with Tyson Kunovsky, CEO of AutoCloud [podcast]

AutoCloud is an enterprise software platform companies use to assist in their infrastructure-as-code (IaC) deployments. Customers using AutoCloud can reduce cloud costs, security risks, complexity, and adoption time for IaC using Terraform in all the major cloud providers, including AWS, Azure, and GCP.  AutoCloud is a critical risk-mitigation tool for cyber security, compliance, and ongoing infrastructure monitoring and management. Tyson Kunovsky is the founder and CEO of AutoCloud, and h

Overcoming IT Complexity—My Latest O’Reilly Book

The complexity of modern IT systems can impact your application’s quality and security. It’s that simple. Business pressures have caused IT organizations to focus on creating new applications as well as adding new features and capabilities to existing applications in order to meet the increasingly competitive demands. The result is insufficient time to work on managing, operating, and maintaining existing applications and capabilities. Ignoring ongoing issues increases technical deb

Don’t Let Technical Debt Sink Your Business [podcast]

The pandemic accelerated large-scale digital transformations for many companies. However, accelerated application growth often leads to increased technical debt. This debt makes it difficult for leaders to innovate and create new and improved customer experiences from their technologies. This stifled innovation means lower long-term revenue. Eventually, technical debt will sink your business. But what is technical debt—and how can you control it? In the latest episode of the Modern Digit