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Castles in the Sky: Secure Your App Dev Pipeline From Laptop to Cloud

I had the pleasure this morning of joining some of my friends at Uptycs in a live panel discussion on securing the application development pipeline. Check out the recording here: Castles in the Sky Event Recording Modern cyber attacks are on the rise, and attackers are targeting the development process itself. The reason: developer laptops often operate in an insecure environment, and their repositories and templates are inadequately protected. So… how can we continue to unify #D

Automating Your Automation with Tyson Kunovsky, CEO of AutoCloud [podcast]

AutoCloud is an enterprise software platform companies use to assist in their infrastructure-as-code (IaC) deployments. Customers using AutoCloud can reduce cloud costs, security risks, complexity, and adoption time for IaC using Terraform in all the major cloud providers, including AWS, Azure, and GCP.  AutoCloud is a critical risk-mitigation tool for cyber security, compliance, and ongoing infrastructure monitoring and management. Tyson Kunovsky is the founder and CEO of AutoCloud, and h