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Are You Using the Right Analytics to Keep Your Applications Running Smoothly?

Analytics are essential to the successful operation of every modern SaaS application. Effectively managing a SaaS application requires continuous tracking of its performance, what’s going on inside the application, and whether or not it’s accomplishing its goals. However, there is a wide variety of analytics that need to be monitored and tracked to successfully run an application. The purpose, value, accuracy, and reliability of those analytics vary greatly depending on how they are

Independent Third-Party Observability with Jeff Martens, CEO of Metrist [podcast]

The applications used by modern businesses rely on services. Some of those services are built internally for the company, and some of those services are software-as-a-service (SaaS) products offered by external companies. More and more companies depend on third-party applications for their overall business needs. Yet often, using a third-party application is an observability black hole. Your ability to check whether a third-party application is working is often limited to checking to see the las