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What’s the Difference Between an Agile Retrospective and an Incident Retrospective?

Blameless Chief Operating Officer Ken Gavranovic recently sat down with me to discuss the topic of conducting effective incident retrospectives.  You can watch our engaging, informative discussion below, or read on for an overview of the greatest hits from our talk. Agile development and incident management are the backbones of any tech-driven development cycle. At the heart of these practices lies the art of retrospectives. But what sets apart an Agile retrospective from an inci

Independent Third-Party Observability with Jeff Martens, CEO of Metrist [podcast]

The applications used by modern businesses rely on services. Some of those services are built internally for the company, and some of those services are software-as-a-service (SaaS) products offered by external companies. More and more companies depend on third-party applications for their overall business needs. Yet often, using a third-party application is an observability black hole. Your ability to check whether a third-party application is working is often limited to checking to see the las

8 Steps to Higher-Quality DNS Systems [podcast]

DNS (which stands for domain name system) is a highly available, highly redundant, and highly reliable service that is absolutely essential to your company’s application and business operations. A failure in your DNS system can bring your business to a sudden halt, jeopardizing your company’s future. DNS is essential to the operation of all aspects of the internet and modern digital businesses. The problem with DNS is that a very tiny mistake in a configuration file can cause ri

6 Steps to Prepare Your E-Commerce Business for the Holidays

The holiday shopping season, which traditionally kicks off with Black Friday the day after Thanksgiving, is just around the corner. What started out as a uniquely American shopping holiday day has now become a global phenomenon, with retailers everywhere steeling themselves for the annual onslaught of shoppers, both in store and online.  If you’re running an e-commerce business, it’s crucial that your website be able to scale to meet the huge surges of traffic that you will (hop