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What’s the Difference Between an Agile Retrospective and an Incident Retrospective?

Blameless Chief Operating Officer Ken Gavranovic recently sat down with me to discuss the topic of conducting effective incident retrospectives.  You can watch our engaging, informative discussion below, or read on for an overview of the greatest hits from our talk. Agile development and incident management are the backbones of any tech-driven development cycle. At the heart of these practices lies the art of retrospectives. But what sets apart an Agile retrospective from an inci

5 Steps to Bring Your Enterprise Application into the Modern World

Modern web applications are the backbone of our digital world. Customers today expect a smooth and seamless digital experience whenever they visit a commercial website. Without high-performing applications, you risk losing customer trust and your business could suffer. That’s why it’s important to modernize enterprise applications. Of course, keeping web apps running smoothly is easier said than done. They need to be able to handle all the traffic that gets thrown at them, without an

How to Overcome the 5 Major Pain Points of Modern Software Development

Today’s customers have become increasingly demanding when it comes to software and website quality, expecting regular updates with new features and functionalities from their vendors. However, meeting these expectations and ensuring customer satisfaction requires the use of agile application development methods and techniques, as well as highly skilled software engineers who can adeptly use the latest development tools, technologies, and methodologies. Consequently, the world of software d

Don’t Let Your Application Turn into Another Winchester Mystery House

Some time ago when I was living in Silicon Valley, I often drove by a curious-looking structure called the Winchester Mystery House every day on my way to work. The Winchester Mystery House is a San Jose mansion that was once the home of Sarah Winchester, the widow of William Winchester, and the heir to the Winchester Rifle fortune. Originally purchased in 1884 as an unfinished eight-room farmhouse, it was expanded over the course of 36 years to an overall footprint of 24,000 square feet.&nb

6 Steps to Prepare Your E-Commerce Business for the Holidays

The holiday shopping season, which traditionally kicks off with Black Friday the day after Thanksgiving, is just around the corner. What started out as a uniquely American shopping holiday day has now become a global phenomenon, with retailers everywhere steeling themselves for the annual onslaught of shoppers, both in store and online.  If you’re running an e-commerce business, it’s crucial that your website be able to scale to meet the huge surges of traffic that you will (hop

What Is DNS?

Facebook and its other networks Instagram and WhatsApp suffered their largest outage on Monday since 2008. By mid-day, The Verge speculated that DNS had caused the problem, and referred back to Slack’s outage last week to claim that “it’s always DNS.” We’re not going to speculate on what caused Facebook’s misfortune, but we will answer some of the most common questions about DNS. What is DNS? DNS stands for Domain Name System, which is akin to the internet&rs

What Is the Difference Between SLA and SLO?

What are SLAs? What are SLOs? SLAs, or Service Level Commitments, are measuring a commitment to a given level of reliability and performance. In software terms, SLAs are usually described by commitments given to customers on the availability and operational readiness of a software application or system. SLAs are a commitment to provide a given level of reliability and performance. They are used to create a solid contractual relationship between service owners and customers. An overnight delive

What Is a STOSA Organization?

STOSA, or Single Team Oriented Service Architecture, is an important guiding principle for large organizations with many development teams that own and manage services comprising one or more applications. Modern organizations, operating modern applications at scale, require an ability to scale their organization as much as they require the ability to scale their application. As their application grows in complexity and grows in sophistication, a larger development organization must build and man

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