Dive into ‘Architecting for Scale’ in the Latest GOTO Book Club Podcast

What do technology expert Ken Gavranovic and I have in common? We are both featured in the GOTO Book Club video this month. The GOTO Book Club series brings in experts and authors to interview each other, with a focus on newly released and classic dev books. In the latest episode, Ken and I discuss some of the topics I cover in the new second edition of my book, Architecting for Scale.

“Chaos shouldn’t be feared. Chaos is value. Chaos is an opportunity to learn.” —Lee Atchison

That quote of mine is just a sample of what Ken and I talk about in our lively discussion. We share tech industry war stories and offer our insights on a variety of topics, including organizational management, risk management, microservices architectures, cloud migration, and many other topics. All topics straight from my book!

And we even give a firm warning about the dangers of stopping your cloud migration too early.

This 48-minute interview has lots of great ideas and suggestions, and we had a great conversation about chaos testing in production environments.

“I would much rather see what happens when I (intentionally) destroy a data center during the day when my staff is around … than to have it happen in the middle of the night when my on-call engineer is just waking up.” —Lee Atchison

There is also a good insider story about working at Amazon during the early days of Amazon Web Services. Do you know what’s different about the Elastic Beanstalk service? Listen and find out!

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Also, if you haven’t read my book yet, check it out! It’s available on Amazon.com.

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