Application Security: Securing Data at Rest and in Motion [podcast]

How seriously is your business taking application security? Creating a secure software application requires many actions, but by far the most important are those that involve securing the data in the application—and these are the most difficult actions. When it comes to securing application data, there are two unique and distinct types of data that must be secured. Typically, data at rest is data that is stored in a database, ready to be used by some part of the application, while data in motion is data being sent to another application or service, or that is being received from another application or service.

Keeping data safe and secure is critical in most modern digital applications. Virtually every modern business requires safe and secure communications in order to provide their business services. Bad actors abound, so keeping applications—and their data—safe and secure is critical to keeping your business operational.

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Photo by Denys Argyriou on Unsplash.