Don’t Let Technical Debt Sink Your Business [podcast]

The pandemic accelerated large-scale digital transformations for many companies. However, accelerated application growth often leads to increased technical debt.

This debt makes it difficult for leaders to innovate and create new and improved customer experiences from their technologies. This stifled innovation means lower long-term revenue. Eventually, technical debt will sink your business.

But what is technical debt—and how can you control it?

In the latest episode of the Modern Digital Business podcast, I discuss this common challenge and provide answers to questions such as:

  • What exactly do we mean by “technical debt”?
  • What are common ways this debt accrues in an organization?
  • How will your company be forced to pay back its debt in the future?
  • How does technical debt make it harder to respond to competitor threats?

For answers to all these questions and more, listen to the podcast below:

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