Independent Third-Party Observability with Jeff Martens, CEO of Metrist [podcast]

The applications used by modern businesses rely on services. Some of those services are built internally for the company, and some of those services are software-as-a-service (SaaS) products offered by external companies. More and more companies depend on third-party applications for their overall business needs.

Yet often, using a third-party application is an observability black hole. Your ability to check whether a third-party application is working is often limited to checking to see the last time someone posted to their status page.

But what happens if observability becomes a commodity and is independently brokered between third parties? Can the improved visibility cross company boundaries and make all applications better?

This is the plan for Metrist, a company building an independent third-party observability platform.

In this episode, I talk with Jeff Martens, the co-founder and CEO of Metrist.

Listen to learn more about how commoditization of observability can improve application availability overall.

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