Special Halloween Edition: The 3 Scariest Mistakes Companies Make in the Cloud [podcast]

First, there was DevOps. Then, ModernOps and CloudOps. Now, there is ScaryOps.

Welcome to the special Halloween edition of the Modern Digital Business podcast. In this episode, we discuss the 3 scariest mistakes companies make in the cloud.

It’s that special time of the year when we turn our attention to all things scary: scary movies and TV shows, scary books, scary decorations, scary costumes. Sometimes it’s fun to be scared.

But when it comes to working with customers and clients on their cloud projects, sometimes I get quite scared … and not in a good way. What I often see when working with customers and clients on their cloud projects can be downright terrifying. 

I get frightened when I hear stories about how a company is preparing to migrate to the cloud incorrectly, or when someone shares a misguided plan about how their organization is going to use the cloud once it is fully migrated. I sometimes hear stories that absolutely chill me to the bone.

Don’t make yourself the central character in one of these horror tales. Instead, avoid these mistakes that companies make in the cloud by listening to this blood-curdling countdown of the three scariest mistakes you can make during your cloud migration—and what you can do instead to survive for another day.

Are you ready? Lock the doors, pull the blanket over your head, and listen to the podcast below:

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