Talking DevOps with Mitch Ashley, CTO of Techstrong Group (

DevOps has now gone mainstream. If you and your organization aren’t using DevOps principles, you are at a distinct disadvantage compared to your competition. And, “doing DevOps” does not mean simply “hiring a DevOps team”—there’s much more to it than that.

My guest for the latest episode of the Modern Digital Business podcast is Mitch Ashley, CTO of Techstrong Group. Techstrong is the publishers of and other publications. In this episode, Mitch and I talk about the value of DevOps and how it fits into the structure of a modern digital application.

Topics we discuss include:

  • The value of DevOps
  • Continuous deployment
  • How to do DevOps right
  • Is it true that devs don’t like ops?
  • The role of DevOps in modern application development
  • Why failure *is* an option
  • The history of Techstrong Group and

To hear what we have to say about these topics and more, listen to the podcast below:

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