8 Steps to Higher-Quality DNS Systems [podcast]

DNS (which stands for domain name system) is a highly available, highly redundant, and highly reliable service that is absolutely essential to your company’s application and business operations. A failure in your DNS system can bring your business to a sudden halt, jeopardizing your company’s future.

DNS is essential to the operation of all aspects of the internet and modern digital businesses. The problem with DNS is that a very tiny mistake in a configuration file can cause ripples throughout the entire DNS system and impact all aspects of your company’s operations, your customers’ ability to use your products, and your ability to make money. Your entire business can be brought to its knees by a very tiny mistake in a single configuration entry. Without solid DNS configuration management in place, you make yourself vulnerable to simple but costly mistakes.

But how do you implement a high-quality DNS hygiene solution? In this episode, I’ll give you eight steps to higher-quality DNS systems and provides answers to questions such as:

  • Why are DNS configurations so sensitive to mistakes?
  • What factors can cause a DNS outage?
  • What steps can smaller companies without quality DNS hygiene take to put a high-quality DNS management process in place?

For answers to all these questions and more, listen to the podcast below:

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